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Hercules is a character in 'The Sixth Sense' project. As of yet, he has not chosen a side to fight.

Sixth SenseEdit

Hercules was created by government scientists that were trying to create a weapon to use against the gifted ones. Blood and DNA were taken from all the gifted ones who were captured and used to create Hercules. He is super strong, super fast and perfect for fighting.


Hercules was created about 5 years ago, from the body of a man who had been killed by The Government. His first encounter with a human was Evie a government worker, who is apparently human but whose true identity was kept hidden. She always told Hercules that he had an accident and lost his memory. Over time, as Evie worked with him, Hercules began to develop feelings for her. Until a year ago, he hunted and killed for his creators, but upon finding out about his past and his 'creation',
Hercules grew to despise the people he worked for, including Evie. She'd lied to him about who he was, and although he still loved her, he couldn't overlook the fact that she lied to him for all of his short life, and that she probably lied about her feelings for him. He stopped working for them a year ago and killed anyone who tried to stop him from leaving. Because of his powers, The Government was unable to capture him again. Over the last year, he has been trying to find a purpose to his life, other than fighting and killing, and has managed to stay out of government hands.

Current SituationEdit

Sixth sense

Hercules, Miriam, Eilonwy

Hercules has recently met Miriam, who also has a sixth sense. She is able to see when and how people will die. When she sees Hercules kill a slave owner, she's unable to see his death (he was created, not born, and therefore doesn't exist in Miriam's sixth sense). She is confused and intrigued by him, so asks him if he would protect her while she searches for Megara. Initially he says no, but eventually agrees to accompany her for a while.

They then meet Eilonwy and her dog Balto. They travel together for some time, until one day, they encounter Gaston...


Yeah....he's a dick. Insensitive, uncaring, selfish, with barely any morality at all (but he has a little bit, and hopefully Miriam will bring it to the fore :) - (ok - I know this is very un-informative, but ive been stranded for two days, with no internet, no phone and no one to play in the snow with, so I need to go and immerse myself in facebook now, otherwise, I will go mad...I will add more later :))


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