Jack Skellington is a companion of Victor Van Dort, and a supporting character. He is originally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Jack Comes To The Rescue


Not much is known about Jack; one day he appeared to save Victor from being captured again by Frollo. He doesn't answer any of Victor's questions, just saying that he saw Victor needed a body guard, and it might as well be him.

If Jack has any powers, he's not sharing them.


Since he was shot down, Jack couldn't remember anything from before sans his name.

thumb|300px|right A short time after is in a blur as well, though Jack remembers someone with green eyes healing him after he was shot down. He can recall blurred faces, though the names escapes him. An even darker memory looms behind the faces, a memory of needles and changes...

Some of his memories came back when he and Victor met Aisling -- it was she who healed him.

Aisling tried to heal Jack's memory, and he gain some knowledge of his past -- he was once alive, and he remembered the name of two women -- Sally and Tiana. Jack was close to remembering the name of Milo Thatch when another memory surfaced. It was a strange looking man (Mok) associated with needles, who Jack was inexplicably terrified of. Aisling couldn't finish the healing process, because Jack was too afraid to remember that memory.

Current StatusEdit

Jack is on the run with Victor and Aisling, but because of Victor's out of control powers, The Government could soon well find them.