Jasmine is a protagonist in 'The Sixth Sense'.



Foresight [Power to see the future]; controllable.


  • Jasmine was the Crown Princess before Rameses overthrew the kingdom.
  • Aladdin and Jasmine have been good friends for a very long time.
  • Jasmine foresaw that Hades and Kent Mansley would make a deal that would 'tear our world apart' and wrote to Megara to warn her.
  • Aladdin tries to free Jasmine, but the plan backfires and he ends up in custody. Jasmine is told that he is dead, but refuses to believe it.
  • Jasmine sensed that Aladdin was in trouble and escaped herself, trying to make a deal with Kent, only to have Hades show up to make a deal with Kent and get rid of Aladdin to seal his victory. Her vision came true, and then Jasmine is handed over to Hades as he promises to hunt other sixth sense subjects.
  • It is later revealed that Jasmine has strong feelings for Aladdin, and to save him from drowning, she sells her soul to Hades.
  • Jasmine later agrees to help Hades hunt down the others that are 'gifted' so she can be re-united with the one she loves.
  • Aladdin is later captured, as Hades promised, but Aladdin thinks that Jasmine did this out of malice for him as he failed to rescue her previously; he lashes out at her and consequently breaks her heart. Jasmine agrees to Eris possessing her, as she promises to take the pain away.

Current Situation:

  • Jasmine is possessed by Eris and working with Hades.

thumb|300px|left|Aladdin goes to apologize to Jasmine only to find out she has no idea who he is. Jasmine proceeds on her new mission for Hades

Videos thumb|left|300px|Jasmine's letter to Megara

thumb|right|300px|Jasmine and Aladdin's Friendshipthumb|300px|left|Jasmine senses Aladdin's in troublethumb|300px|right|Jasmine turns herself into the Government and ends up being traded to Hadesthumb|left|300px|Jasmine makes a deal with Hades and reveals her feelings of love for Aladdinthumb|300px|right|Aladdin fights with Jasmine thinking she betrayed him to Hades. Jasmine's heart breaks and Eris posesses her