Kent Mansley is an antagonist in 'The Sixth Sense', and a high ranking government agent.


Kent Mansley


Kent Mansley is the head of Section 13: UN Government Project 'CURE'. He supervises The Government's efforts to track down and control the gifted.

He captured Anya at a young age and held her captive, taking her away from her family. Anya escaped, and now - even after twelve long years - Mansley is still determined to capture her once more. Thus far, he has been unsuccessful in this task.

One of his missions was to track down and capture Annie Hughes, he later convinced her into joining The Government. He monitored her closely for a long time, and still does.

Mansley also found Aladdin, threatened and tortured him, and forced him to use his lying abilities to help The Government capture other gifted or convince them to work for The Government.

Kent later struck a deal with Hades; Hades agreed to help The Government track down the gifted in exchange for Jasmine. Jasmine foresaw that he and Hades would make a deal that would "tear the world apart".

He also made a deal with Messina, hoping to get her out of the way. Unfortunately, he underestimated the power hungry Messina, who used Holli Would to hypnotize him into obeying her. For the moment, Kent remains under Messina's control, allowing her unlimited access to government projects.