Mei is a demon, born of Lillith and an unknown father who was believed to be a demon as well. Given her lineage, it is safe to assume that (for the most part) Mei is evil.

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Mei was born in your stereotypical demon nursery. Along with her countless number of siblings, she quickly learned the basics of her demonic power.

Unlike the other demon boys and girls, however, Mei did not take to grand evil schemes and conquering the world and such. Mei was ahead of her time in realizing that in order for her to be bad and create mischief, there needed to be good in the world. Hence, Mei does not strive to destroy all good things. She'd rather let some form of goodness thrive to counteract her mischievious deeds.

Other than minor differences with the other children, Mei's life isn't very remarkable. She's flitted about for centuries, doing whatever pleases her fancy - generally lengthy plots with mild to extreme results of chaos. She had a fairly standard relationship with her mother, that of an obediant subservant, and an even more typical relationship with an absent father, not contacting him for at least a millenia.

Eventually, Mei did find a spark of interest in her life: Joseph. Mei took an immediate liking to the depressed, angry Joseph and quickly the two became good friends. Together, they carefully tended after the queen - Lillith. Even when Joseph ascended the throne, the two remained close friends.

When Joseph was cast out of Hell by Lucifer, Mei was very disheartened at having lost her best friend. After much consideration, she decided to follow him to earth.


Mei is very much a mischief maker and enjoys anything to do with chaos. Mei tends to appear very charming and cordial, a true lady. Though she is a demon, Mei is actually capable of retaining and maintaining true relationships with people if she put her mind and her effort towards it. Most of the time, however, Mei enjoys her long drawn-out plots too much to care for other people. Mei is, just as her unknown father, is fiercely loyal and, when angered, becomes a force that rivals even the devil's fury.


  • Joseph: Mei's best friend and soul mate as she jokingly calls him. Mei has known Joseph since he spent his time in Hell and has stuck by him, mostly, ever since.

Recent Sightings:Edit

Mei has recently rejoined Joseph on earth.