Percival C. McLeach is an antagonist in 'The Sixth Sense' project. Living as poacher for all of his life he became a mercinary hunter for The Government when the boy, Cody, killed his brother in a raid in Africa.


McLeach prides himself of his 3rd grade education and follows his gut in any case.


Working as a professional hunter for most of his life, McLeach had no care of people and "gifts" until his brother, Clayton, was slain by a Golden Eagle in Africa. Knowing the animal was native to Australia he moved to investigate the encounter, only to find a footage of a young boy with the bird as it slaughtered his brother and his crew. Enraged, McLeach went out to find the boy, swearing revenge.

After weeks of searching, he stumbled across Kent Mansley who was searching for people with gifted abbilites. In hearing his story, Mansley offered to take the hunter on, offering a reward for bringing Cody in for testing if McLeach could catch him or any others with gifts. McLeach took his offer without a second thought, saying that the money was a plus, but he'd work for free as long as it meant one less freak in the world.

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McLeach Trying To Figure Out Why On Earth Clayton Would Want To Go To Africa To Chase Down Apes.

Current StoryEdit

Currently, the Hunter is following the trail of the boy and his Eagle. Staying one step behind of the boy, he waits patently for his moment to strike.