Tarzan has the power to sense the danger; near or far. He can't see the future or something like that, his power just make him see things at the moment so he can run to save the people or stay doing nothing and feel their pain while they die.

He always wanted to be a hero since he discovered his power. Save lives is his most important desire, he could even die to protect others. So he is of the light side.


At the moment Tarzan is having some troubles with his power because his visions are becoming unreal and maybe he's losing his mind but he just need to feel something else instead of pain; he just need love. He saw Helga in trobule one day and when he was about to save her, she fought until win. Tarzan was so impressed with her strenght that he fell in love with her.

So Helga is a new friend of Tarzan, not a couple yet but Tarzan's still dreaming of it and his powers are coming back to normality thanks to her, even if she told him that in the future (Helga can tell the future or past with touching objects) Tarzan will fight with people with powers too.

Here the story has nothing to do with the real one, for now, maybe in the future and if Helga doesn't like Tarzan this would happen. In the past video Kocoum was killed by Thomas (or other that I don't care) when Tarzan was there and he couldn't do anything to save him. So Dimitri returns Kocoum to life just for fun and to see what would happen if two naked guys (slash part) were together. Behind scenes Kocoum and Tarzan became a couple but then Kale appears with his sexy back and the obiously happened. So there we have a love triangle but we all know that Helga will win this fight for Tarzan's love.

In the final part of the video Tarzan is threatening all the bad guys because he'll kill them and is inviting other people to join his nouble cause.

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